Ginger Poole

UX Design for an Agile World

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Collaboration is Design

Working with research, product, marketing, social, content, development, and testing to create great digital products


User Research

Moderate focus groups and usability sessions.

UX Design

Create wires, mocks and prototypes. Love Sketch, Adobe and Axure.

Graphic Design

Web and mobile UI and UI elements. Ancient History: years in print design.

Ginger Poole

I love what I do! I’ve been a designer for 17 years - 7 of those years in the healthcare space. I crave new tech. I’m learning about AR and VR in my spare time as well as attending a coding bootcamp. I appreciate new methodologies too, the ones that give us new ways to work (think Design Ops or Full Stack Designer). I’m well versed in the UCD path I learned at IBM. That's the path of research, concepts, scope, budget, wires, prototype, mocks, specs, development, QA, launch, feedback and iteration.

There's another side to UCD. That's the one where the scope isn’t always well defined. Or the estimate didn’t work out. Maybe the participants we talked to can’t precisely represent our customer base. And development has to get started before the prototype can be tested.

That’s where having a collaborative, curious, open-minded and experienced designer can come in handy. Pulling all the pieces together. Finding solutions on the fly. Guerilla user testing. Designing not just one and only one pixel-perfect solution, but using common patterns and styles to make development efficient.

I am energized by the whole orchestra of challenges to get a great product to the screen. I’ve always worked with inspired and inspiring teams. Let me show you some things we’ve created. Request a password to my portfolio by email.