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Interactive prototypes get the best information during usability tests. To that end I use Axure over Invision because of the incredible power of dynamic library elements styled with our corporate style and able to accept user input.

Cigna’s Easy Choice tool is a tool that asks the users a series of 6-8 questions then recommends a plan. We built this tool from scratch and so during the initial testing phase we had one screen with all the questions and another with a carousel that asked the users questions one by one. I thought certainly people would favor the all questions on one screen to reduce clicks but every customer we tested liked the 8 panel carousel better because it seemed simple. However, I still wasn't convinced so we tested it again with a simplfied "all-in-one" page design. Then I gave up my preconceived notion. The carousel won and our customer feedback on the pilot boasted “Easy-to-Use” as the top comment.


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